Dr. Sigmund Naturmedizin
Dr. Sigmund Naturmedizin

Natural Healthcare since 1895

Out of love for natural medicine

People throughout the world have been benefiting from our passion for natural medicine for three generations. Herbal and homeopathic drugs and high-dosage infusions of vitamin C and dietary supplements bring you health and quality of life.
This takes you to our treasures of nature.

Our family company which specializes in natural remedies puts a premium on quality: This starts from selecting plant-based raw materials from sustainable ecological cultivation and extends throughout the production process to the finished drugs and our customer service. Pascoe Naturmedizin is within the TOP100 of the most innovative mid-sized German companies. Do you wish to learn more about our quality standards or join the Pascoe team? Unearth more exciting details about our company.

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Our Family`s Roots  What we take the most pride in, is our almost century-long existence and roots which date all the way to 1927. Although today we are the example of a reliable brand and...

Our quality

          As one of the oldest companies to produce a huge variety of products all-natural, we can proudly say that we are here to assist and help our customers from the youngest to the oldest....

About us

We do business in a variety of areas and assist with Reinforcement & immunity Moisturizing and protection of the body, Immunity, Calming preparations, Slimming, Support for internal organs such as Bones, joints, Digestive system, and...